Wardrobing for Men and Women

There are times when you look in your closet and find nothing to wear. Too many options can sometimes create fashion slip-ups. Whether you have too little or too much clothing in your closet, a personal stylist can help identify the key pieces that will be workhorses in your wardrobe.

Working with a professional wardrobe consultant like me will guide you in making smart choices about your wardrobe.  I will help you improve your appearance and save money at the same time. I can also assist you in choosing accessories and clothes that you can mix and match to create a variety of looks. I will make sure that you look elegant and coordinated at all times.

I can also help you:

• Review and organize your closet

• Freshen and maximize your wardrobe

Select proper shoes for different outfits and occasions

• Identify what is missing in your wardrobe

• Find your personal style

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