Do you have an eye for style? Do you crave flexibility?  Do you love helping women?  If yes, Cabi is a wonderful opportunity that I love to share with business-minded women. We offer an opportunity for you to explore a career in fashion. Cabi is a career that you will love and that will allow you to put first things first. We help women to discover their own style and at the same time provide a unique business opportunity that allows for freedom and flexibility.

Before Cabi I was a successful commercial real estate agent. My challenge was that I was a super busy overachiever with no free time and very few friends. I really wanted to walk away from the corporate grind. So when I first heard about Cabi I saw it as a way to have something on my own -- a way to make a life not just a living. I decided to take action and launch my business. I am so glad I did! Since then, I have experienced so many benefits. 

First, I love knowing that I am in control of how much I earn. My goal is to replace my income I made in real estate. Next, I love knowing I am helping women entrepreneurs in developing countries pull themselves out of poverty. And finally, I never imagined I would have this much fun....or make this many friends along the way. 

Cabi has allowed me to have such a huge impact on so many people, I love paying this gift forward. I find that there are women out there who yearn to have that same impact, or you may know someone who is looking for something like this. 

Specifically, I am looking for someone in the Atlanta area, or even out-of-state, who is very social, has a strong network and who wants to reinvent her future. So if you know anyone who fits this description (it may even be you), let's chat.

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