Closet Audits

If you are tired of wearing the same things or you don’t know which clothes to wear for an important event, I can help you! Together we can get your closet working for you. You’ll learn how to mix and match your clothes and accessories. Everything starts with an organized closet!

We will get together to discuss your likes and dislikes, fit issues, outfit needs and lifestyle. I will then go through your closet and sort as well as organize your clothes, accessories and shoes into piles. Your personal likes and dislikes, needs and style will be considered while sorting the contents of your closet.  The piles will be organized into several categories –giveaway or throwaway, repair, keep, consign and donate.  

Your clothes, accessories and shoes will be replaced and organized to help you find everything easily and totally use all your clothes. A list of the things you need to complete your outfits and looks for your upcoming events or trips and lifestyle will be made as well. 

Proper Shoe and Accessory Selection

I can also help you find creative and unique ideas that will add life and character to your looks. You will learn how to accessorize your outfits.  I will teach how you to pick the right shoes and accessories that will go with your clothes to change your looks. I will then make room for new pieces that are tailored to your needs, tastes and personal image. 

Private Consultations

Every wardrobe must have a business blazer, business trouser, sportcoat, dark-wash jeans, and three button down shirts. Having a wardrobe consultant can help you find your personal style. A private consultation will be done to determine what you want to accomplish. Do you need clothes for an upcoming event or do you need new outfits? I will create a list of the things you need and help you shop. I will determine what works for you and what does not. This process allows me to get to know your tastes and the fit, styles and colors that work for you. 

I will also oversee any necessary modifications that need to be done. Whether you’re looking for a new outfit or a complete closet overhaul, hiring me is a no-brainer!

J. Hilburn Men's Custom Clothing

J. Hilburn stands for time-honored European tailoring with men's custom shirting and made-to-measure suiting created from fabrics from the highest-end mills in Italy. 

Contact Leah for a measurement appointment to fill the holes in your closet, whether it be shirts, trousers, jackets, suits, jeans or casual wear.

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