"Thank you SO much Leah Yzerman Kruszka for helping me with the closet edit yesterday. You have a real gift for style and I'm excited to have so many "new" outfits to wear. It was a pleasure (and fun!) to work with you. This morning I entered my closet with a smile rather than the usual fear and found something to wear in less than a minute. And contrary to my past beliefs, I am not suffering from separation anxiety for finally giving away that jacket from 1995. (Are you SURE big shoulder pads are out of style?!?) Next up: shoe edit. Now if I could just get you to come over every morning to dress me." 
Tina McCrary, Peachtree Corners, GA

"After my closet edit, I can finally walk into my closet,with ease, and choose an outfit for the day. Before, I despised entering my dungeon. It was cluttered with too many pieces I would never wear, yet I could not let these articles go for sentimental value. The best piece of advice I received from Leah, my stylist: keep the memory, but let go of the clothing. Amen, Leah! Enthusiastically, she went through my wardrobe disaster and constructively helped me decide what pieces were worthy to keep. Now, I love entering my closet. Every piece on my racks works with the look I feel is best for the day. Thanks, sister. You rescued me from wardrobe despair."  Liz Vance, Lawrenceville, GA

"Leah is not only passionate about style and great at what she does, she is determined to put together outfits that make you look amazing! I dread shopping because my body shape is often a challenge to shop for. Leah was up to the challenge! She put together great outfits for me that allow me to look professional and enhance my personality and style.  Not only that, but because I detest shopping for shoes equally as much as clothes, Leah went above and beyond by researching and sending me links of shoes to buy on Zappos that would go great with the outfits I purchased from her. I look and feel fabulous thanks to Leah!" Joanne Newell, Roswell, GA

"I love working with Leah K Style! I always feel so confident in the clothes I buy from her."

"Leah is a great resource for those of us (like myself) who don't know the ins and outs of dressing for success. Her quick tips have helped me round out my outfits for work. And she's super nice!"  Sarah Spears, Dunwoody, GA

"I met Leah a few years ago when my friend hosted a Cabi party and Leah was the stylist. I got hooked on Cabi and loved Leah! She has an amazing eye for style and can help you pick out items that you wouldn't necessarily pick for yourself but look incredible on you! I hosted a Cabi party with her at my home in March and have gotten my friends hooked as well! I highly recommend Leah and all of her fashion talents!!"   Lisa Heiser, Atlanta, GA